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About Us

Tailored to You. Built for Performance.

We started Franco Bikes for one simple reason: to provide world class bikes with a customer experience to match. We offer a tailored process that results in your dream bike; built to order, exclusively fit to you, at an exceptional price. We’re confident your experience with us will be one that you’ll love.

Being Truly Customer Focused.

It sounds simple, but a truly customer-focused approach requires much more than friendly employees. It requires a fundamental shift in the way a bike makes its way to you. It calls for an approach that allows us to engage with you directly. With the direct communication afforded to us by our direct approach, we are able to truly listen to you, allowing us the opportunity to provide the perfectly tailored solution.


How We Arrived Here.

We're not former pro racers that decided to make bikes. We’re cyclists like you. We have each went through our own evolution as a cyclist. From the first time we ever clipped in to a pedal, to racing in our first criterium, our needs as cyclists evolved. We came to know what we loved about the bikes we rode; how our shift levers felt on certain types of bars, the subtleties in bicycle geometry, the qualities of a perfect saddle, and a whole host of other seemingly insignificant things that ultimately greatly impact how much we enjoy the ride. Over time, we figured out exactly what we wanted in a bike and it didn’t coincide with the off-the-rack solutions we found in local bike shops.

We came to the realization that there wasn’t a way for us to buy a bike exactly the way we wanted it; with the components we needed, the bike geometry that was perfect for us, and from people that we felt were experts in the field. We set out to build a company that allowed us to share that tailored experience and ensure that customers fell in love with their bikes.

It's been a long journey to get to this point. We started with little more than belief in our ideas and confidence in our abilities. Now five years later, our bikes match the ride quality, performance, and durability of the industry's biggest names, with a completely tailored buying experience, the pricing of a customer-direct model, and the real, lasting value of the Franco Direct experience.

There are few things more exciting than a new bike. We share that feeling with you, and we hope it's reflected in every part of what we do.

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